Motlow students work to remove invasive plant species at Radnor Lake Park

032019 Radnor Lake 1200.jpg

Motlow State Community College and Lipscomb University students recently partnered to help Radnor Lake park rangers remove an invasive plant, Garlic Mustard, from the park to protect native plants and animal habitat. This ongoing Service Learning Project helps students learn about Natural Areas Management and the science directing it.

Garlic Mustard is an invasive plant from Europe and grows without any competition here in the United States. Each adult plant can produce over 7,000 seeds that can last in the seed-bank for ten years. Pulling the young plants in the early spring helps remove the flowering adults and subsequent seeds.

The students’ work supports the State of Tennessee Natural Preservation Areas Act of 1971. Pictured, from left, are Hutch Bailey, Park Rangers Matthew Bowling and Will Peters, Brittany Reynolds, and Motlow Professor Kevin Fitch.