Motlow State Fayetteville Agricultural Sciences Open House is May 16

050619 Fayetteville Open House 1200.jpg

Motlow State’s Fayetteville campus is sponsoring an Agricultural Sciences Open House on May 16, with informational sessions at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. for prospective students who are interested in the College’s Agricultural Sciences “2+2” Program. The sessions will be held in Room 23 of the Sundquist Center.

Through the “2+2” program, students may attend Motlow State in Fayetteville to earn an associate degree in Agriculture the first two years, and then conveniently attend Tennessee State University on the Motlow Fayetteville campus to earn a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Sciences.

“Regardless of where a student is in their academic journey, this informational session will allow students to learn more about how to earn either their A.S. degree or B.S. degree,” said Lisa Smith, assistant academic dean for the Fayetteville campus. “The Tennessee Promise or Tennessee Reconnect scholarships can cover tuition for most students that wish to earn their A.S. degree at Motlow State. Tennessee State has scholarship opportunities that can help cover tuition costs for students earning their B.S. degree.”

According to Smith, college students graduating with degrees in agriculture have some of the lowest unemployment rates in the nation because of the diversity of employers seeking agriculture majors.

Occupations in the agriculture industry include many areas other than traditional farming; majors in agriculture often find jobs in business and science occupations, biotechnology, agriculture and forestry production, education, marketing, sales, communication and governmental services.

For more information, contact Lisa Smith at 931-433-9350 or