Motlow Phi Theta Kappa chapter and members receive international and regional awards

041819 PTK Awards 1200.jpg

The Motlow State Community College chapter of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) International Honor Society was recently recognized as one of the top 100 chapters in the world at the 2019 International PTK Catalyst event held in Orlando, Fla.

Each spring, PTK hosts a society-wide convention called Catalyst that draws thousands of scholars from around the world to represent their chapters, their institutions, and their regions. Representatives from Motlow PTK attended the event with more than 3,700 representatives from 1,300 chapters in multiple nations. International award recipients were named in various categories for Hallmark Awards.

Motlow President Dr. Michael Torrence was one of 25 college presidents selected in the world for the International Paragon President Award. This award is given to new college presidents who have shown strong support of student success by recognizing academic achievement, leadership, and service among high-achieving students at their college. More than 500 college presidents in the world were eligible to receive this award in 2019.

Robin Keel, Motlow PTK advisor, was one of 15 advisors selected in the world for International Paragon Advisor Award.

Laura Brown, Motlow PTK advisor, was one of 16 advisors selected in the world for the International Distinguished Advisor Award.

Motlow alumnus Gage Myers received the Alumni Award of Appreciation.

The entire Motlow PTK advisor team was one of 16 teams selected (out of 1300 chapters in the world) for the International Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team Award. The chapter received the International Distinction 2019 REACH Chapter award, which recognizes PTK chapters that excel at recruitment and membership.

Each spring prior to the international convention, the Tennessee Region partners with a chapter to host its annual convention. This year, the convention was held at Jackson State Community College the weekend of Mar. 15-17. The Motlow chapter and several members were recognized for their outstanding work.

Rebecca “Leann” Scott received the third place Distinguished Chapter Member award.

The Motlow PTK chapter received the third place Tennessee Region College Project Award. The project involved members working with Dr. Torrence this past year to develop a strategic plan to increase input from the student body into Motlow’s Achieving the Dream initiative, which seeks to improve student engagement and more equitable practices.

The chapter also received the Icarus Award and the Chapter of Light Award, while PTK advisor Dayron Deaton-Owens received the Horizon Award. The Icarus Awards honor those who have faced some major struggles in a given project and helps scholars to learn that obstacles and unsuccessful initiatives are not reasons to give up. The Chapter of Light Awards push chapters to submit photographs, descriptions, and names of participants for the various initiatives their members completed over the past year. The Horizon Award is given to advisors who reach beyond the chapter and are recognized for their contributions to the region.

Led by Motlow’s Gregg Garrison as the Tennessee Region’s Regional Coordinator, the region was recognized as a Five Star Region, the highest level of engagement in the PTK regional hierarchy.

The Regional Officer Team was elected and inducted at the convention. Motlow’s Heather Whittaker will serve as the Regional Secretary for the 2019-20 academic year. The Regional Officer Team is elected and inducted at the convention and consists of a president, three vice presidents, and a regional secretary. Three Motlow students, Jeremiah Maynard, Cassie Zebick, and Heather Whittaker, were nominated from the floor and campaigned for regional offices for the Tennessee Region.

The Motlow PTK Chapter Officer Team was awarded third place Tennessee Region Distinguished Chapter Officer Team. Team members are Mary Elizabeth Ann Gibbons, Kamileya Roberson, Grace Young, Thelma Hto, Jesus Salcedo San Mart, Hollie Yokley, Leah Seier, Carina Vazquez, Kayla Cuyugan, Katie Houk, and Shaynee Syler.

The Motlow Chapter Advisor Team was awarded first place Tennessee Region Distinguished Chapter Advisor Team. The advisor team members are Gregg Garrison, Dayron Deaton-Owens, Misty Griffith, Laura Brown, Calleb Capshaw, Rob Keel, and Dawn Copeland.

Motlow PTK advisor Rob Keel was award first place Tennessee Region Paragon Advisor, and Motlow PTK advisor Laura Brown was awarded first place Tennessee Region Distinguished Advisor Award. These awards recognize advisors who have served less than four years and have made significant contributions to the growth of the individual chapter members, served as the chapter’s advocate on campus, and encouraged the chapter to be involved on the local, regional and/or international level of PTK.

PTK advisor Dayron Deaton-Owens received second place Continued Excellence Advisor Award. The award recognizes advisors who have served at least four years and have previously won a Distinguished Advisor Award.

During the academic year, three Motlow PTK students; Grace Young, Chase Birdsong and Zachary Parsley, earned publication in Tennessee Mosaic, the annual literary magazine for the Tennessee Region of PTK. Members submit original works in a variety of categories for the publication.