Motlow joins TSU in HBCU C2 Initiative

021119 Torrence 1200.jpg

Today, Motlow State Community College announced its participation in Tennessee State University’s HBCU C2 initiative designed to bring coding and creativity experiences to historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and underserved communities.

Dr. Michael Torrence, President of Motlow State Community College stated, “Motlow State Community College is pleased to be a partner in this initiative alongside Tennessee State University. We are equally excited to have an HBCU collaborative focused on coding and creating with its lens on the future of work. Our ability to support the needs of our workforce, particularly in areas where employers will embrace graduates who are skilled as coders in areas such as IT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Healthcare. We also see the importance of connecting with our high school partners and supporting the development of our youth."

This week, student and faculty leaders from Motlow State Community College, including President, Dr. Michael Torrence, attended the inaugural HBCU C2 Presidential Academy in Nashville to learn about coding and app development using Apple’s comprehensive curriculum, which utilizes its popular Swift programming language.

Apple is supporting TSU with equipment, scholarships and professional development to help the university launch its HBCU C2 initiative, which will bring coding and creativity opportunities to HBCUs across the country.