My Motlow Story: Emily Dutton

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What do you do when life drops a boulder on your path to academic success? Emily Dutton didn't let it stop her from reaching her academic goals. She overcame severe misfortune and obstacles to successfully continue her education at Motlow.

Emily DuttonEmily suffered an automobile accident in December of 2009 that resulted in a broken neck and months of recovery time. Despite the accident, which forced her to change her major and miss a full semester of school, she is back on track and heading towards a May 2011 graduation.

"I was a pre-nursing major before the accident," said Emily in an interview with Motlow's student success committee. "I lost much of the use of my left arm due to the accident and I know that makes being a nurse impossible. I have changed my major to General Studies for now until I decide what I want to do."

Emily is a 2009 graduate of Coffee County High School in Manchester, and attended Middle Tennessee State University her first semester of college. However, following her accident she realized that the smaller, more personal environment of Motlow was the right place for her.

"MTSU is a great school," Emily continued, "But it was just too big for me with too many people and too much traffic. I love it here at Motlow and it was definitely a good decision for me to come here. The smaller class sizes and the positive things that go with smaller classes are things that I love about Motlow."

"The discussion that goes on in a small classroom is something that I really enjoy and need," continued Emily. "All the professors at Motlow have been so good to me. They are approachable and when they say they will be in their office to help me, they are."

After graduating from Motlow in May 2011, Emily plans to attend Tennessee Tech to work on her bachelor's degree. Although she has not yet decided on her career goals, she knows that finishing college is definitely an important part of her future.

"I really think Motlow does a good job of creating a college atmosphere," concluded Emily. "Everybody here really seems to care about the students. I think high school seniors should really consider starting college at a smaller campus like Motlow."

Emily's courage in working hard to recover from her accident and continue her education has been an inspiration to faculty and her fellow students at Motlow College. It is our hope that her story might be an inspiration to you.

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