My Motlow Story: Kacy Taylor

Kacy Taylor

Can you graduate from college before you receive a high school diploma? Yes! Kacy Taylor did just that through hard work and dedication. Kacy is an exceptional student who took advantage of the dual enrollment opportunity Motlow offers to obtain her associate's degree before she completed her high school education.

Kacy Taylor"I was home schooled from kindergarten through the 10th grade," said Kacy in an interview with Motlow's Student Success Committee. "I completed my junior and senior year of high school here at Motlow and actually graduated from Motlow before graduating from high school."

"Being home schooled really allowed me to learn one-on-one with my mom as teacher," continued Kacy. "I feel like it enabled me to figure out how I learn best and really prepared me for Motlow."

Kacy is now an 18-year old junior at the University of Alabama-Huntsville. She majored in psychology at Motlow and is seeking an elementary education degree at UAH. Eventually she hopes to move into education administration and sees herself one day as possibly being president of a college; maybe even Motlow.

"My goal is to get a doctorate eventually and come back to Motlow," she added. "I hope to get a teaching job after I get my bachelor's degree and teach while I'm working on my master's and doctorate. I want to take a load off of my parents and begin to support myself. Once I get my master's I want to teach college."

Kacy admits that her first semester at Motlow was a little overwhelming, but she is quick to give credit to her parents for helping her adjust to college life as a 16-year old.

"Both of my parents graduated from Motlow with associate's degrees," added Taylor. "My family has maintained a close relationship with Motlow and that really helped me when I first started. Anywhere else would have been too big I think. I never really thought about going anywhere else for my first two years of college."

Kacy didn't just participate in school work while at Motlow though, she was extremely active in numerous extra-curricular activities, including Student Government Association (SGA), Presidential Student Leadership Institute, Children's Drama, and Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Honor Society.

"Some of my best friends were made in those activities," concluded Kacy. "I really enjoyed going to other campuses and interacting with so many people. I wouldn't trade my experience at Motlow for anything." 

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